Why Blues & BBQ

Bringing the Best in BBQ & Blues to the vegas valley

While kicking around the idea of a blues and BBQ Festival I began to ask myself a few questions about Las Vegas vs Kansas City (The City I was born and raised in) and I came up with a few interesting points that drew me to put this festival together. In Las Vegas the main attraction of course is the strip experience, but within that experience there is the dining experience that goes on also. Most of the restaurants on the strip focus on exotic and fine dining, which is an awesome experience, but not everyone is as daring as others and look for dining experiences that represent their culture and knowing that a taste of home can be found in other areas of the world. In Kansas City however, we grew up on many festivals that featured the things that we were not only known for, but allowed us to introduce ourselves to new ways of preparing the foods that we love. After 5 years of living in Las Vegas and missing the small things from Kansas City like good BBQ and great Music from the Midwest and Southern Regions I decided it was time to bring that feel to Las Vegas. It truly is my goal and mission to bring those that aren’t from the Las Vegas area out for a taste of their hometowns, while introducing the Midwest and Southern “Swagg” to the Vegas Valley. I don’t feel it has been well represented in this region… Stay tuned over the coming weeks, as I will be updating everyone on the Festival Details, more on our featured artist, and more competition information. I’m really looking forward to giving away this trip to the Bahamas.

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